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Our History

Steve and Jean DuBois are the founders and owners of Ultimate Wine Tours. Captain Steve has been in the wine country since 1980. After a successful career in the restaurant business owning several restaurants, he began doing wine tours for local wine tour companies. This gave him the opportunity to get to know the smaller, boutique winery owners and winemakers on a personal level. With these strong relationships and the intimate knowledge of the area, in 2014 Captain Steve and Admiral Jean launched Ultimate Wine Tours.

The “Captain” and “Admiral” proceeding their names came about when Steve purchased a yacht and his family and friends began calling him Captain Steve. Steve then jokingly promoted Jean to the position of Admiral, way out ranking his position as Captain. The names stuck and today Steve is known throughout the industry as Captain Steve.

Jean was born and raised in Maine and has a degree in business management. Her career was in accounting and operations and was Vice President of Operations for a technology company. In 2013, Jean happened to be on a wine tour with Steve as their host. One thing led to another, Jean pulled up roots in Maine, moved to Sonoma to be with Steve, and they eventually married and founded Ultimate Wine Tours. Jean handles all aspects of operations for the company, and she is the person with whom you will be talking when you contact us. We offer that personal service and you will have Jean’s personal cell phone number and can contact her directly for any questions you may have.