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Simplified Wine Tasting Kit

The Simplified Wine Tasting Kit has taken the mystique and mystery out of wine tasting with easy to understand and follow instructions used by professional in wine tasting competitions. Author Tom Griffith has been a panel member judging wine competitions and has taught classes in proper wine tasting techniques. 

The Simplified Wine Tasting Kit

He has simplified the professional wine tasting techniques so the average wine enthusiast will be able to increase their wine knowledge while enjoying wine tasting and discussing wine with their friends. Learn about the grape growing process with a month- to-month chronology during the growing season. Learn the winemaking process from harvest to bottle and the options available to the winemaker. Learn how to read a wine label, what terms are regulated by the government and the information about the wine that is available on the label. Learn how to evaluate, categorize and judge a wine using the same techniques professionals follow in wine tasting competitions. Learn how to conduct different, professional wine tastings at home with your friends. The Simplified Wine Tasting Kit provides everything needed to conduct wine tastings, including master copies of Aroma Flavor charts, Wine Evaluation Scoring sheet, and wine tasting set up place mats. These master copies can be photocopied for each participants use during wine tasting, so there is no limit on the number of wine tasting that can conducted utilizing this kit. Expand your knowledge and enjoyment of wines by have a monthly wine tasting party with your friends. With this experience you will be amazed how much you will learn about wines, not to mention the fun of conducting your own professional style wine tastings at home. The Simplified Wine Tasting Kit will give you the opportunity to explore a whole new world of wine enjoyment.

About the Author

Author Tom Griffith is a wine educator, author and chef. He has been a panel member judging wine competitions and an instructor teaching classes in proper wine tasting techniques. For over a decade he has been conducting private wine tastings in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and has formed relationships with the wineries and winemakers. He is the author of the Insiders Guide to Napa Wineries, and is currently working on the Insiders Guide to Sonoma Wineries.