Ultimate Wine Tours provides custom wine tours in San Francisco, California. Read testimonials from some of our clients.

“Captain Steve and Jean were the Ultimate hosts! From the moment they picked us up at the airport to the safe delivery to our hotel, the fun just began! Taking us to wineries that will never make it to the retail stores and then meeting the hosts and owners of these unique vineyards made this a once in a lifetime experience. To plug into Steve’s local connections cannot be purchased. This experience is worth the price of any admission. We now have new friends in California, and we have invited Steve and Jean and any friends to come visit us in Naples, Florida.”
“Captain Steve was our tour guide, and he is not your typical guide. He was so impressive! He called us the evening before to ask if we had any special requests or if he could plan our tour with exclusive vineyards. We were in Napa, so of course we were all about visiting the hidden gems. He took us to three wineries in the day and these wineries were ones you will not hear about unless you visit the grounds and purchase your wine on site or become a club member. We explored the Crane family, O’Brien, and Frias Family vineyards. He has a fun spirit to him and is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him because I sure do feel as though we lucked out getting him as our guide. Not only is he the best guide ever, but he also has a talent of photography. The one photo he took of us was the best picture we had from our vacation. Thank you, Captain Steve DuBois!”
Captain Steve is the heart and soul behind Ultimate Wine Tours; his knowledge and love for the wine country shines through in every experience he puts together. Ultimate Wine Tours sets itself apart by providing tours very few can. As you climb into your vehicle with Captain Steve at the wheel, you’ll feel the excitement building as you head towards your first winery, one that many of your friends have never heard of and would not ordinarily be able to visit. Captain Steve uses his Napa Valley connections to open doors to Napa’s most exclusive wineries, resulting in a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy a picnic tucked away within a winery garden on your three-winery tour as you marvel at your exclusive surroundings.
Best wine experience ever! We know now what the “trifecta of wine tasting” is, that Captain Steve talks about. Great wines, beautiful properties, fantastic host/hostess. My husband and I had been told by friends that had visited Sonoma recently about Captain Steve. We called him several weeks in advance and spoke to the Captain about his tours. He told us what he is known for and we agreed based on our friend’s recommendations that was what we wanted. The experience and the wines, the total ridiculous tour was way beyond what we expected. If you ever visit Sonoma Valley, it truly is an amazing experience. We would never have found these places without the Captain. We can’t wait to visit the other Valley, Napa, with Captain Steve.
We just recently made a trip to Napa Valley with some friends. This was our second trip to wine country. Our first trip was on our own, and we did the large popular ones on the highway. This time we decided to use a tour guide who knows the valley and more about the smaller wineries, the boutiques. OMG! We had no idea what awaited us with our friends. We hired Captain Steve. He told us that he always tries to provide his clients with the ultimate wine experience. He does the wow factor. He did not disappoint. We visited three very small boutique wineries. The wines were amazing, handcrafted. The properties were off the beaten paths and we got to meet the owners and wine makers at all three places. We had an amazing lunch in the vineyard that he prepared for us. The pictures we took were some of the best memories of the trip. We highly recommend this type of experience. Captain Steve is a true professional.
My wife and I live in San Francisco and make frequent day trips up to wine country, often with a group of friends. Our first trip with Captain Steve was several years ago and we had already set our itinerary since we thought we knew the best places, or were members somewhere, or for some other reason. Captain Steve was such a great host that we promised to call him for our next trip and let him choose a few of the wineries. We followed through a couple months later and were not at all disappointed. He took us to Frias Family and Viader, two of the best vineyards we had never heard of. Now we know the best option is to just hand Captain Steve the keys and let him set the agenda. Even better, we were recently fortunate enough to have his better half, Jean, act as our host for the day. It was the best trip we have had in wine country in years. If you have never been to wine country and aren’t sure where to go, I highly recommend Ultimate Wine Tours. Just tell Captain Steve when you want to go and let him take care of it. Or, even if you are a seasoned veteran going up for the 100th time, let Captain Steve show you a few new places. I promise you will not regret it!